Overnight survey works near Foxton Level Crossing

Single lane closure on the A10 north and south of the Foxton level crossing, Monday to Friday 9-20 August 2021

Milestone, the contractors working on the Foxton Travel Hub for GCP, need to locate existing services using ground penetrating radar and trial holes along the A10 both to the north and south of the level crossing. The works will run from the junction with Barrington Road, southwards over the level crossing and on almost to the garage entrance.

The works will start on Monday 9 August and run for two weeks until Friday 20 August. The working hours will be 8pm to 6am Monday to Friday.

One lane will be closed to traffic while the other half is coned to allow the work to be undertaken. Traffic movement will be managed by temporary traffic lights.

Site supervision will be by both the contractor and Network Rail on site to ensure safety at the crossing and on the A10. All workers on site will be inducted and emergency contacts will be available to them. No works will be carried out on the level crossing or Network Rail land, and traffic lights within 50 metres of the level crossing will be manually controlled at all times with operatives maintaining full visibility of the level crossing.

On completion of the works, the site will be left in a safe and tidy condition.

For further information on the scheme, please visit: Foxton Travel Hub – Greater Cambridge Partnership