EWR: Connecting with communities: re-starting face-to-face engagement with communities across the East West Rail route

As you might have heard we’re restarting our face-to-face engagement with communities across the East West Rail route. After holding two drop-in style events in Bedfordshire in May 2022, we’re excited to announce we’ll be hosting eight further events between June and July 2022.

The events will extend from Oxford to Cambridge and are open to all. They’re designed to give local residents, businesses and stakeholders an opportunity to understand the project development process, anticipated timescales, and speak face-to-face with members of our team.

While we won’t have any new information to share at these events – as we are still reviewing the responses received during the 2021 consultation and considering how the feedback is used to inform plans for the railway – they will provide an opportunity for us to engage with communities outside the formal consultation process.

We recognise the important role you play in your local community and we have produced some social media posts which you may find useful to share. These direct people to our website, which hosts more information about the events. You can find the social media posts here.

Event details

We would welcome meeting and talking with you at your local event. The drop-ins will be:

Cambridge: Wednesday 29 June, 2pm – 8pm
The Clayton Hotel, 27-29 Station Rd